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Not all women currently have the time to do a manicure at the salon. Most of them prefer to do that at home while enjoying time off after a long day of work. They think with the salon will take a lot of time they are also predominantly used for everyday activities. Do you suffer from a lack of time, or you think you do not have the expertise or assistance required to achieve the intricate and striking nail design, you should try one of the French tip nail designs cute. They have a style unmatched beauty that functions with your finger nail beauty. With a few simple tricks up your sleeve, each entry in this list will take less than 10 minutes and you will have a design that is suitable for the party.

1. French Tips Nail Design

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Take a fresh look very spontaneous with ensemble matte metal nail this. The first color your nails twice with a satiny smooth nail hue of purple; Now with the help of a brush dotting made those points in pattern lavender metallic nails regularly. Get the look edgy with a combination of nail color is elegant and charming.

2. Funny French Acrylic Nail Design Tips

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Acrylic nails are popular these days to save time and can offer a variety of nail art designs. In the summer heat or daily life routine, a combination of nude and very pleasant floral print flower Image lure on bare nails lets you stand out in every meeting.

3. French Nail Tips Blue Design

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This French-inspired manicure is love spring. Apply two coats of azure blue on your nails and let dry. Apply one coat vintage blue denim on the finger from left to right. It’s really glamorous nail art design is perfect to make you look good in jeans outfit.

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4. Pom-Pom Party French Tips Nail Design

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This idea is amazing between French tip nail design repertoire fits perfectly with the atmosphere of a fun party. Creating a more complete with festive nail designs. First do your nails hydrated with apricot cuticle oil and nail preparation with a base layer Essie. Then give a double layer Blanc. When nails get dry, draw a small plus sign on the nail with striping brush dipped in alcohol. On the plus sign in the center, draw a small ‘x’ marks using color. Then pull in the middle of them and apply a base coat of Essie’s seal and shine of nails this party.

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