Best Way to Remove Acrylic Nails

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Remove acrylic nail

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Best Way to Remove Acrylic NailsMany people are more promiscuous fake nails for fear of their original nails dull / damaged. Actually fake nails that would damage the natural nail as long as we know how to use and care of the nail itself correctly. Actually artificial nails can be used as an alternative to embellish and beautify your nails. These examples use nail. The hands with artificial nails and you want to perform with the natural nail. Not to be confused to take off your fake nails, the following Best Way to Remove Acrylic Nails:

  1. Cut your acrylic nails as short as possible

As in the method of soaking, the shorter your acrylic nail clippers, the better. Removing acrylic nails become easier when the nail was shorter.

2. Miser outer layer of your acrylic nails

Filing false nails the outer layer will make the work more effective acetone in nail you.Soak a cotton ball into acetone

3. Soak a cotton ball into acetone

After the cotton balls soaked completely, place a cotton ball on each of your fingernails.

4. Wrap the piece of tinfoil around a cotton ball and your fingers

Wrap tightly so that the cotton ball does not move. When you feel the tinfoil will be removed from its place, you can tie a rubber band around your fingers wrapped in tinfoil

5. Leave the cotton balls and tin foil wrapped around your fingers for 30 minutes

During that time, the acetone will absorb and weaken the glue that holds the acrylic nails to your natural nail. Set the timer so you do not let acetone too long.

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6. Remove the tinfoil and cotton balls

Take a wooden stick (special manicure sticks) and rake your acrylic nails. Scratching nails slowly so as not to damage the natural nail you. Wash your hands after the acrylic nails off.

7. Use abrasive or nail polish to remove the remnants of glue

Rub gently along the nails, until smooth your nail and no glue remaining.

8. Wash your hands back and dry completely

Squirt a little olive oil on your hands and massage into your fingers. Olive oil will replace the moisture lost during the immersion process of acetone. Continue the use of oil over the next few days, to replenish the moisture your hands.

If you do not want to use olive oil, also can use hand lotion to moisturize. Prior to the use of artificial nails, nail we are clean and dry, so that the glue stuck. Soak your nails in warm water before or after the usage of fake nails is necessary, to clean the dirt. Well, that’s all the information about Best Way to Remove Acrylic Nails that can be given in this article.

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