Henna Nail Art

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Henna Nail Art is a very fun challenge for you, the hobby really draws or hobby beautifies them, especially beautify your beautiful nails. If you get bored wearing fake nails, try to challenge yourselves for dressing your nails with paintings and funny motifs, ranging from flowers, leopard, up geometrically. Guaranteed your nails will be more beautiful and attractive.

For paintings or patterns that require a thin line, you can use a needle nail polish. The actual needle polishes nail polish as well, but has a sharp corner, so it’s handy if you want to draw motifs or patterns that require thin line. After the equipment is ready, let’s look at the pattern of Henna Nail Art what an inspiration you are to decorate nails.

60s chic: before painting nails, create a base layer used in nail you. For example, select the pink nail polish as a base, then polish white and black needle to the motive. After the base coat dries, create black and white stripes at the top of the layer. Make each one different line designs, for example, the index finger, black and white diagonal line to the left. On the middle finger, black and white vertical stripe on the right side of the nail. Then for the ring finger, black and white diagonal line toward the right.

Ala ice cream melts: create a layer of bright yellow color base in all the nails. Once dry, imagine a speck of pink ice cream melts in your nails. Then apply a layer of molten aforementioned yellow base.

Abstract motifs: try playing with your imagination. Create layers with different colors on each nail. For example, pink for the little finger, ring finger white, black to the middle finger, index finger again for the white, and pink for the nail of the thumb. Once dry, create abstract paintings, such as zigzags, triangles storey, dots, commas, and others.

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Geometric patterns: Cover all nail in blue, then create a geometric pattern on it with a needle wear black nail polish.

Pretty Denomination: coated nails with bright colors, such as yellow or green electric light, apply horizontally. Once dry, use a black Shatter nail polish. Shatter black nail polish is a special nail polish, so that when dry, nail polish will cracking. Thus generating cracks beautiful and charming in the nail you.

Ala Aztec: create a layer of bright yellow color for all the nails. Once dry, the nails into several parts using a needle nail polish color contrast. After that, the content of each section with patterns such as Aztec painting, for example circles, triangles, or as streams.

Candy stripes: create the base layer with different colors for each of the nails, choose bright colors are attractive. Once dry, paint each nail with a vertical line using a nail polish color white needles.

Leopard motif: you may choose a base layer with any color, such as pink. Once dry, add dots irregular, such as leopard, wearing nail polish white needles, then circle the edge of the circle with a needle black nail polish.

It was only a small proportion Henna Nail Art of instances decorate your nails with nail polish combined with nail polish. May this be an inspiration for you

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