How To Make Coconut Nail Art

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Swinging coconut nail art
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As a woman, of course, all aspects of the body and themselves will be in focus or even the attention of both the self and others. So do not be surprised if a lot among women who are very concerned about the appearance, beauty and every part of her. From the start of the face, hair, skin, and even nails. Especially for hooves, a lot of women who are happy or even have a hobby or favorite change nail decoration or display to be more beautiful and attractive. Well, for those of you who have a hobby and likes them, or want start to try ornate on the nail, the following we  will share simple steps you should take on a series of tips to decorate Coconut Nail Art.

How To Make Coconut Nail Art
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1. Clean your nails beforehand including on the part of each nail tip

Nail cleaning before decorated is an important step. Clean each part fingernail grainy to smooth the way my nails. Do it with a one-way movement yes ladies, that your nail surface is not damaged. If previously there was nail polish stick, wipe the nail polish is also using liquid nail polish remover.

2. Puree part of your nail cuticles

To smoothen the cuticles of the nails, you can use it by immersion in warm water for a few minutes, or it can also use a special cream to the cuticle, or you can also puree with olive oil.

3. Paint your nails with primer (colorless)

It is also an important part of ladies. The use of this primer will make the color of nail polish (polish) you become more durable, and protect your nails from staining due to the impact of possible damage nails.

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4. Choose the color of nail polish in your favor

This is the most fun step of course yes ladies. You are free to choose any color nail polish as you wish. You can combine them with some additional embellishments such as glitter, and more. For more details you can find out some references about the ideas and creations decorate the nails on the internet, as well as materials or any item that can be attractive ornaments for the beauty of your nails.

5. Apply nail polish on each nail surface with neatly

This is a core step of decorating nails. Apply nail polish on the entire surface of your nails with a brush evenly and neatly. Try not to get messy so do not need the extra step to clean nail polish sparks attached not on properly. One thing to remember also ladies, do not forget to shake it first bottle of paint before use, so that the paint color is evenly mixed.

6. Allow the paint that has been attached to the nail for a few minutes to dry

This step is also not to be missed yes ladies, wait for the paint color on your nails to dry perfectly to really stick intact on your nails. If you want to layer it again with other colors also let the previous color paint dry first. Unless you want to vary with glitter, okay if you pour glitter before the paint color to dry.

Coconut tree nail art
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Well, that’s all the information that can be given in this article about how to make Coconut Nail Art by yourself.

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